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You have arrived at the web site of the Department of Computer Science at Hiram College.
The Colton 106 Lab is open 8pm-10pm. A Lab Monitor will be available each evening.

The following courses are currently being offered in our department for the Spring 2014 semester:

Spring 12-week

CPSC 17200 - Intro to Programming:MM - must take lab
CPSC 17200 - Intro to Programming, Lab I
CPSC 25200 - Computer Organization
CPSC 28000 - Seminar: Computers and Entertainment:MM - must take lab
CPSC 28000 - Computers and Entertainment, Lab I
CPSC 28000 - Computers and Entertainment, Lab II
CPSC 35800 - Introduction to the Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CPSC 36100 - Computer Simulation:SM

Spring 3-week

CPSC 21000 - Design & Build Computer Games
CPSC 24000 - Computer Ethics:ES

(Photo Credit: Professor Ellen Walker)
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