Mr. Carl A. Damiani - Class of 1986

Major: Computer Sciance
Minor: Mathematics

Job Title: Senior Systems Analyst
Company: Timken Company
Company Website:

Discription of Position:
After graduating from Hiram, Carl began working at Timken Company in Canton, Ohio. Timken is a manufacturer of tapered roller bearings and specialty steel. The company supplies its products to major automobile manufacturers and heavy equipment manufacturers. Carl is currently a Senior Systems Analyst for Timken's Bearing Business working with an IBM Mainframe 3090 in addition to vendor PC packages. Before becoming Senior Systems Analyst, Carl used his VAX and FORTRAN experience in Timken's Steel Business working on various scheduling and routing systems. Even with his success, Carl admidts one dislike: working with COBOL!

Additional Comments:
Favorite Classes: Graphics, Statistices, Database Design, Linear Algebra, and Photography
Hiram Activities: Baseball, Football, Intramurals, and Varsity Club
Carl returns for Homecoming each year and also enjoys the alumni baseball game in the summer. He is always happy to hear from current Hiram students as they begin their journey into the computer industry.



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