Mr. David DeWalt - Class of 1985

9884 High Country Drive
Chardon, OH 44024
Home: (440) 286-2892

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Communications

Job Title: Manager Information Systems
Company: ISK Americas, Inc.
Company Website:,,

Description of Position:
I manage a computer facility for 4 companies located in Concord OH, San Francisco CA, Memphis TN, and Houston TX.

Additional Comments:
I received certification DEC Vax systems, Cisco routers and switches, Microsoft Exchange and I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional. I'm also certified with the Merlin telephone system. In my position, I get to play with new technology to determine how it can fit in our company and if it does fit, I formulate the implementation plan to roll out the technology. I also own a consulting business DQD Computer Consultants ( where I work with small businesses, schools and home users for computer issues and networking.



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