Mr. Art Geigel III - Class of 2005

435 Sycamore Lane
Suite 201
Aurora, OH 44202
Home: (330) 348-1128

Major: Computer Science

Job Title: Software Engineer Web Development
Company: Hyland Software
Company Website:

Description of Position:
Design and implement web applications using ASP.NET and C#. Will utilize APIs, and server-side real-time script execution to ensure efficient and effective functionality. Work closely with team members and team leaders to create consistent, reusable, and maintainable code. Work closely with testing engineers to conduct performance and stress testing of web applications. Work closely with quality assurance department to ensure web applications conform to functional requirements, are consistent, and intuitive to use.

Additional Comments:
Hyland is the leading software develoer of document imaging software, and specializes in creating electronic content management software for large businesses. Basically, if there's a paper trail within a company, Hyland tries to eliminate it, unless you absolutely have to print out hard copies. Hyland deploys their world reknowned proprietary software package OnBase which acts as an intermediary between popular databases (Oracle, MS databases, MySQL, etc.) and their own API function calls. As such they have been able to win over developers and clients with their intuitive design. Hyland offers courses on their campus at Hyland University, of which they provide training and certification. OnBase, their flagship product, has streamlined everything from HR for companies, to corporate compliance (Sarbanse Oxeley is a big one for public corporations). I am very fortunate to have been hired by Hyland. They are growing very fast and offer their employees unparalleled treatment. From monthly dodgeball tournaments (in the building), to getting lunch at the on-site diner (on the clock), to taking advantage of spa treatments, to taking a break to go down the twisting slide from second to firstfloor, Hyland knows exactly how it should be done.



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