PhD. Mike Johns - Class of 1999

Major: Computer Science
Minor: Mathematics

Job Title: Senior Product Research Engineer
Company: NetQoS, Inc.
Company Website:

Description of Position:
NetQoS produces network performance monitoring software for the enterprise market. Large corporations build large networks, and NetQoS software provides visibility into how their components are behaving. This produces massive quantities of data, which introduces a number of challenges as to what to do with it all.
The research department at NetQoS takes on projects with loosely defined requirements and produces prototypes that demonstrate what can and cannot be done. These span topics covering the whole process of turning data into information, from data collection to storage to analysis to visualization.

Additional Comments:
After leaving Hiram I went on to graduate school at the University of Pennsylvania, earning a master's degree in 2001 and a PhD an eternity later in 2007. I began working at NetQoS in 2005, and finished the last of my PhD requirements from there.
Perhaps my most demo-friendly project at NetQoS has been Netcosm, which visualizes network performance data video game-style. Unfortunately this one never got beyond the prototype phase:
More recently I've been involved in creating data access APIs, including our Excel connector, which provides a set of functions within Excel that pull data directly from our various databases:



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