Mr. Brian Segulin - Class of 1984

145 Indian Lane
Media, PA 19063
Home: (610) 565-1957
Work Phone: (330) 995-8204

Major: Computer Science, Mathematics
Minor: Economics

Job Title: Sr. Software Developer
Company: RoviSys
Company Website:

Description of Position:
As a Sr. Software Developer I am involved in software architecture design, conduct studies to determine system architecture migration paths, do product design, and make language and technology selection to provide the best solutions to customer’s problems. A Sr. Software Developer also develops software standards and design methodologies for use within RoviSys. My duties also include project management, where I serve as primary point of contact for technical and commercial issues on a project. The Sr. Software Developer position also actively pursues new and repeat business.

Additional Comments:
After Hiram, I spent 3 1/2 years working at Eaton in a business environment. I quickly realized the benefit of the liberal arts education received at Hiram. I was promoted to a management position, which made me face my desire to remain technical and more "hands on." I joined Digital Equipment Corporation as a Software Specialist and found myself serving the steel industry in Cleveland, Ohio. A project that was to be 18 months in duration, turned into a 15 year chapter of my life. After the mills closed, I found myself faced with the challenge of retooling my skill set. I have been in my current position for 7 years. I am the only BA in a company of 200 engineers. The diversity of the projects that I have been on, the vast array of skills that I have had to develop, the requirement to interact with shop floor to board room personnel have made me realize the importance of the education received at Hiram.



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