Mr. Philip Taber - Class of 1979

Aurora, OH
Work: (440) 347-5565

Major: Computer Science, Biology

Job Title: Project Portfolio Manager
Company: The Lubrizol Corporation
Company Website:

Description of Position:
As Project Prtfolio Manager I am responsible for overseeing approximately 80 concurrent within the IS division of the Lubrizol Corporation. I help assure the highest priority projects have the resources necessary to complete on time and on budget and that the project managers have the tools necessary for success. In addition, I monitor that project approval processes are followed and that projects are completed and clsed in a timely manner.

As Change Managers for the IS division, I help the organization manage the change process. Software does not break and hardware is very reliable, so most service interruptions are due to change made to the production environment without proper testing or without full consideration of the complex interactions between systems. The goal of change management is to minimize service interruption and enable quick restoration of service when it is interrupted.

Additional Comments:
I want to thank the wonderful professors at Hiram who taught me how to learn, especially how to learn new technology.

In the computer field you will need to retrain every few years on new tools, technologies and processes. The ability to learn quickly and apply that learning to real world problems effectively is the greatest skill a college program can give you.

Special thanks to Obie Slotterbeck, whose love of learning was infectious when she taught me and continues on in her retirement. Enjoy it Obie!



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