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Mihai Cucuringu recognized for excellence by CRA

The Computing Research Association (CRA) awarded Hiram College senior Mihai Cucuringu an honorable mention in the annual Outstanding Undergraduate Award competition.

Mihai received the prestigious award in recognition of the research work he conducted during two summer research programs and for the Integrated Research Component (IRC) he completed for Hiram’s computer science department in spring 2006.

The first summer program, in 2005, was with the mathematics department of Cornell University and resulted in two papers jointly written by Professor Robert Strichartz of Cornell and submitted for publication.

During summer 2006, Mihai served as a research assistant for the Research Experiences for Undergraduates hosted by the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. There, he worked on a project that drew from the fields of mathematics and computer science and resulted in a paper titled, “Counting Primitive Partial Words.” That and one other paper from his summer work at UNC–Greensboro are being prepared for publication.

His IRC for Hiram’s Department of Computer Science was in the field of artificial intelligence and was supervised by Professor Ellen Walker. Mihai created a system able to resolve number theory problems in human-like language.

Mihai was one of 39 men and 14 women recognized with an Honorable Mention by the CRA. Of those 53, only two others attended small, liberal arts colleges (Harvey Mudd and Roanoke); all other students attended large universities, including Columbia, Harvard, CalTech, University of Pittsburgh, Carnegie Mellon, and others.

A native of Romania, Mihai participated in the Budapest semester in mathematics and is carrying three academic majors at Hiram—in computer science, economics, and mathematics. He is applying to Ph.D. programs in mathematics and computer science.


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