Welcome to Genome clustering program

Introduction to Genome Clusteirng Program

The clustering program here is a computational approach to study metagenomics. It takes .fasta file as an input file and clusters the sequences in the file into clusters depending on the percentage match threshold provided by the user. It also gives you more genome sequence analysis tools to identify the sequence. This program was designed to be used in classroom as an educational tool. Hope the program will help you in your class. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Prof. Louis Oliphant and Prof. Brad Goodner for guiding me throughout the project.

I am still in the testing and optimizing phase of the program. If you have any questions or suggestions about the program, please contact me (Shanti Bramhacharya) at bramhacharyas@my.hiram.edu.

How to install Clustering Software On your machine
1. Click here to download the .zip folder containing the clustering program on your computer and open the folder to see the files.
2. Install Python if your computer does not already have python installed. The version we are using is 2.6.4. I included python-2.6.4.exe file in the folder. Double click on the python-2.6.4.exe file to install python.
3. Double click on install_script.py file to run the install script.
4. You will be prompted to install PIL and Pywin32. Both of these are wizards. PIL is required for savinggraph as jpeg. Pywin32 is required to create shortcut on the desktop.

How to uninstall Clustering program.
1. Go to C:\python26\Uninstall and double click on uninstall.py script to run the script.
2. It will ask you if you want to delete the “src” folder permanently. Enter “y” if you want to permanently delete the folder else enter “n” to cancel the deletion of the folder. You must understand that all the data files in the folder will be deled too.

How to use the program
Please read READ ME file included in the folder to understand how to use the program and get step by step instruction.