CPSC 172: Introduction to Programming -- Java

Professor: Ellen L. Walker

Office: 112 Colton, Phone: x5250, Email: walkerel@hiram.edu

Teaching Assistants:

Cory Boatright (Monday Lab) - Email: boatrightcd@hiram.edu, Phone: 330-569-3473 (not an extension, but a free call from campus), AIM: pyroninja316

Kent Vasko (Tuesday Lab) - Email: vaskok@hiram.edu, AIM: kwik256

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The lab for this course is taught by Kevin Schaffer. Web page for CPSC 172 Labs Spring 2008

Class Notes

Practice Problems

Study all self-check problems in the chapters that we have covered. Look over the example programs in the book, and be sure you can explain them. Here are some extra problems to study

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