CPSC 400/401 IRC for Networks

Professor: Ellen L. Walker

Office: 112 Colton, Phone: x5250, Email: walkerel@hiram.edu

Project Assignment:

You have several choices for your project. First, you may implement an Internet application of your choice. This application can be original or can already exist, but the code you write should be original to you. Second, you may implement an applet that explains at least one networking algorithm along the lines of the ones that are included with the textbook. Your applet should actually implement the algorithm and display its results in a clear, graphical manner. Third, you can study and implement a lower-level (likely network or link) protocol that we did not cover in class, and fourth, you can come up with your own idea (which must involve networking, a significant implementation, and research beyond the textbook) and get it approved by the professor.